BS EN 60068 Testing

Your ability to develop a quality product that will withstand the environment and conditions within which it has to operate is critical. Our environmental testing chambers are a key part of that success, enabling you to accurately and consistently test to ensure that your product is 100% fit for purpose.

BS EN 60068

BS EN 60068 is a series of international standards, providing testing procedures to simulate real world conditions in a laboratory situation. The standards describe a wide range of general environmental test methods, measurements and climatic tests that can be used in a wide range of industries, with each document being specific to a test.

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There are two standards that relate specifically to the performance of environmental test chambers, as follows:

BS EN 60068-3-5:2002, IEC 60068-3-5:2001

Confirmation of the performance of temperature/humidity chambers

BS EN 60068-3-6:2002, IEC 60068-3-6:2001

Confirmation of the performance of temperature chambers


All CTS chambers comply fully with EN 60068-3-5 or 60068-3-6 and have independently audited CE marked status.

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