A Guide to CTS Environmental Test Chambers

At first glance many environmental test chambers look fairly similar in terms of performance and specification. However, take a look “under the skin” and the attention to detail that goes into the design and manufacture of a CTS Environmental Test Chamber becomes apparent. This is why our products have an unrivalled reputation for accuracy, reliability and longevity.

Attention to detail

  • All “through holes” in the chassis are laser cut and fitted with grommets to prevent edges causing wear to cables and pipes and eliminating the chances of “dissimilar metal corrosion”.
  • Purpose-made piping supports are thermally and galvanically insulating and ensure long pipe runs are adequately supported.
  • Test-space seams are fully welded.
  • Exceptionally quiet in operation

Wiring and Electronics

  • All wiring meets EU and (where applicable) local/national standards


  • Purpose built touch screen interface provides excellent control and data management

Avoiding corrosion

  • Galvanized chassis and powder-coated panels protect the chamber from the ravages of humidity, heat, cold, dents and scrapes


Refrigeration and heating plant

  • CTS components are specified for “life of service” rather than “life of warranty”, with each individual competent is carefully chosen to ensure reliable, consistent and efficient performance.

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