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Is EMC and environmental testing performed by the same engineers?

The team from QTP Environmental recently exhibited at the EMC UK 2015 conference held at Newbury Racecourse. We were demonstrating a small environmental test chamber adapted to act as an EMC damped space where thermal testing can be carried out. Over the two days of the event we met and had discussions with numerous delegate      …Continue Reading »

Ten reasons CTS environmental test chambers use capacitive sensors for humidity measurements and control.

Here at QTP Environmental, we are the sole authorised UK distributor of CTS Environmental Test Chambers – a world leading brand in test chambers. CTS use capacitive sensors in their chambers instead of psychrometric sensors. Here’s ten reasons why we feel capacitive sensors are the preferred choice. More accurate When using environmental chambers, capacitive sensors      …Continue Reading »

We will be exhibiting at EMC UK on October 6th & 7th- QTPE

We are exhibiting at EMC UK in Newbury, October 6th and 7th

We will be exhibiting at EMC UK on October 6th & 7th. EMC engineers are often closely aligned with the use of Environmental Chambers, usually the requirements of EMC testing impinge on the same stages of R&D in electronics. QTP CTS chambers can be adapted for EMC work so it can be carried out under conditions      …Continue Reading »

Controlling a CTS environmental test chamber is incredibly straight forward – FAQs answered

Engineers new to the CTS range of environmental test chambers often ask the same common questions. Typically, they want to know: What options are there for controlling the chamber? Whether the chamber controls can be integrated with automated test/diagnostic systems developed for a particular product? In what format can the test results be extracted? Here      …Continue Reading »

EMC testing adapted CTS environmental chambers bring cost and space savings

EMC testing adapted CTS environmental chambers bring cost and space savings

EMC testing refers to a sequence of tests that ensure a product’s electromagnetic compatibility with industry standards, notably the IEC 61000-5-7-standard. EMC compliance is a mandatory requirement in the vast majority of key markets such as Europe, the US China, Korea and Australia. Historically, engineers testing electronic or electrical products would expose them for environmental      …Continue Reading »