Service and calibration of our environmental test chambers

Many clients don’t realise that for nearly 5 years CTS chambers in the UK have been serviced and calibrated by our “service partner” Nexia Scientific.

Nexia Scientific is maintained as a separate company to QTP Environmental which helps us provide the following:

  • More service capacity than only CTS chambers would justify.
  • One stop service capacity for clients with multiple makes of chamber.
  • Service personnel who are experienced and trained in multiple makes of chambers.
  • Better Geographic coverage than a “CTS only” team could provide.
  • A degree of independence when clients seek service advice – we think CTS are the best but clients like some degree of independent advice from engineers who service multiple makes.

Beyond the above Nexia service engineers are:

  • Regularly factory trained by CTS GmbH at their manufacturing HQ in Germany.
  • Approved by CTS GmbH and equipped with the confidential service password access codes and equipment/software for full CTS chamber support.
  • Approve by CTS GmbH for warranty support in the UK and Ireland.
  • Qualified and certified to the standards required by clients and the UK/EU rules governing the nature of their activity.
  • Insured for working on client sites.

We believe Nexia Scientific provides our clients through us at QTP Environmental a service which is comprehensive and efficient.  Our contractual arrangement with Nexia is an open and transparent one providing clients an efficient and economically sensible way to maintain, repair and service not just CTS chambers but many others as well.