The CID Pro computer software is dedicated to the operation and recording of environmental testing. While primarily designed for use with CTS Environmental Chambers, it can be used to control other manufacturers equipment as well.

  • Simple to create and manage test profiles
  • Clear and intuitive operator interface
  • Manage and operate multiple chambers from one PC
  • All key data available at a glance
  • Powerful and versatile performance analysis tools

Supporting operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP
  • (32- and 64 bit),
  • Windows 2000 + SP3

Status Overview

All functions are menu driven and shown as symbols

  • Displays the name and status of all connected units
  • Displays all analogue and digital channels for any selected unit.
  • Dynamic contextual screen set up
  • Report listings for all units


Creation of new test cycles is intuitive and straightforward

  • Create, change or delete the test cycle programs.
  • Define value lines, loops, conditional jumps or subprograms in the test program.
  • Set the time base of a program: Seconds, minutes or hours.
  • Zoom a specific area to set a value more accurately.
  • Save programs as templates that can be pasted back as modules.

Graphical data evaluation

A record of the test cycle program can be created storing all analogue and digital channels, which can be exported into Microsoft Excel.

  • Fully editable data reporting
  • Select real time displays or relative information
  • Zoom a selected area to carry out more accurate evaluations.


With the new menus, there is the option to visually display the layout of your units with site layout background photos and pictures of the individual setups. Units can be configured with user-defined sizes, position and appearance.


Communication to the setup is freely configurable through RS232, RS485 or a network. Additionally, an online monitoring function is provided for other computers on the network.

Special menus for Temperature Shock-Test-Cabinets

  • All key information available at a glance.
  • Easily editable standard shock test programs

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