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Service and calibration of our environmental test chambers

Many clients don’t realise that for nearly 5 years CTS chambers in the UK have been serviced and calibrated by our “service partner” Nexia Scientific. Nexia Scientific is maintained as a separate company to QTP Environmental which helps us provide the following: More service capacity than only CTS chambers would justify. One stop service capacity      …Continue Reading »

touchscreen test chamber

New touch screen control panel

All CTS GmbH environmental chambers will now have a new colour touch screen interface. The new “capacitive” type screen replaces the earlier “resistive” type screen.  The new screen provides the following: Lighter touch control The same familiar interface with an enhanced menu structure so existing users will recognise the functions they are used to and      …Continue Reading »

Factors to bear in mind before installing an environmental test chamber

QTPE test chambers can be used in all sorts of working environments – our clients, for example, have installed them in locations ranging from workshops and laboratories to offices and warehouses. There are, however, a number of issues that companies should consider prior to installation. These include: Floor loading Chambers with over 200 litres of      …Continue Reading »

How fluctuations and variations in temperatures are accounted for in our CTS climatic testing cabinets

In all climatic testing cabinets there is inevitably a variation in temperature between different points within the interior. These temperatures will also fluctuate over time. While miniscule, these variations and fluctuations have to be taken into account as part of any rigorous climatic testing programme. This can be achieved by locating temperature sensors at different      …Continue Reading »

QTP adds new climatic test chambers to its stock – available for immediate sale or rental.

QTP Environmental has added two new climatic test chambers to its UK stock to offer clients a wider range of options for their testing requirements. Made by CTS – a world leader in test chambers – the new chambers will suit the needs of companies or individuals looking to put their products through a series      …Continue Reading »